Do You Dream Of Living The Perpetual Traveller Lifestyle?

Welcome to, where I teach you the outline steps to move abroad, reduce your living costs, get off the treadmill and live a fuller life, for less money!

I work as a mid level member of the wealth management industry and hold a number of the relevant qualifications. My days are spent working with very high net worth families and individuals to help them to maximize their investments and reduce their taxes. All legally, of course. This means that I am writing this website anonymously. The price that I need to pay for you to know my name, could come at the cost of my career and I am not ready to sacrifice that, just yet.

In case you were wondering, Thomas A. Anderson is the character played by Keanu Reeves in the Matrix Trilogy that becomes Neo. He is striving for answers, looking for a new way to live and to escape the dream life that he and most of humanity are trapped in. You might remember that Neo spends the movies being chased by and fighting with the ever-persistent Agent Smith. Does this feel like you…?

Do You Want To Travel The World?
For decades there has been a small but real number of people that live almost nomadic international lives. With the possibilities that the internet brings, it is now possible to be a digital nomad, working from a laptop wherever you may be.

At one end of the spectrum, there are students and newly unemployed people that are moving from hostel to hostel and living on the cheap as they perform odd jobs to survive. These are most likely to be what we think of when we picture the term “digital nomad”, though there are many with very real digital skills that are making a very good living while jumping from place to place every few months.

At the other end of the spectrum are retired and semi-retired people with a substantial net worth who have the money to move and travel in five star luxury. Five star hotels, cruises, business class flights and the best restaurants. This group is who you might think of when you picture a “perpetual traveller”.

Somewhere in between those two groups are people that can probably afford to drop out and live well from the assets and revenue streams that they have built, but they just don’t yet know where to start. You want to be a perpetual traveller, but are on the starting line, trying to decide what to do. If that describes you, then it is you that I am writing this website for.

Caveat Emptor
It is important that this topic is covered in a prominent location … This website is written to provide general strategic advice and provide you with some principles to investigate. I have no idea where you live, what your circumstances or goals are, or anything else about you. This means that I am not providing specific advice for you. You should always take personal professional advice before making any major financial decision.

Incomplete Information
Some parts of the PT concept are very stable and the rules and regulations of governments generally change slowly in these areas, for example, countries change their residency rules very rarely, why would a well thought out set of rules need regular change?

However, some other areas, such as banking and offshore companies change frequently. Not only do they change often, but it is very difficult to provide full information at any time. For this reason, these areas will not be covered on this site. There are a number of other websites and consultants that do very respectable work in these areas, so I recommend that you look them up.

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